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How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?

Sleep – it’s something we do every night (and sometimes even during the day) without putting too much thought into it. In fact, we spend about a third of our lives in the “land of nod”, and the overall state of our sleep health remains an important question throughout our lives. Most of us know…

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The Danger of Those Christmas Killer Heels!

The perfect pointy pair of skyscraper heels may make a striking impression at the Christmas party, but they could have serious effects on your spine health. Here our Ealing Chiropractor reveals some shocking dangers of wearing killer heels that may just make you think twice about wearing them ever again: High Heels Cause Abnormal Spine…

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The Secret Sins of Sitting!

For the majority of people, sitting down is not something that typically generates a lot of thought and evaluation. But according to our Ealing chiropractor, it should! Here are a few of the secret sins of sitting. They’ll certainly make you think differently about how you park your bottom today! Sin # 1: Hunching Forward…