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Maintain Good Joint Health, Whatever Your Age Is Possible Says Our Ealing Chiropractor

Our joints are pretty amazing things when you think about it. While we take these important structures for granted, a little care and attention now and again can make a big difference. As an Ealing chiropractor, I see plenty of people at our clinic who have longstanding joint issues and one of the questions I…

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Aches and Pains in Your 50s and 60s? Our Ealing Chiropractor Explains What to Do

As we get older, there’s no doubt our joints feel stiffer and those aches and pains get a little stronger. As an Ealing Chiropractor, I see a number of people in their more mature years who are experiencing problems with their joints and areas like the back. The trouble is that we tend to suffer…

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Top Tips for a Healthy Neck

If you experience frequent neck pain and/or stiffness, you could benefit from a simple routine of stretching and strengthening the many skeletal muscles and ligaments that line your neck. According to our Ealing chiropractor, a healthy steady blood flow is the most important requirement for healthy ligaments and muscles in the neck. And stretching the…