Patient Feedback

“I have visited Rishi for many years and have found his practise second to none. Treatment has always been explained and preventative measures discussed. I would have no problems recommending his services and have to many friends and colleagues.” Sam Robinson (5* Google Review)

“I have been suffering with my lower back since 4 years. Ok with a few physio sessions but unfortunately the muscle stiffness never left my back and situation repeated often. I could feel the stress and pain even with a minimal physical work at work/ home.

6 months after starting the treatment, i feel much happier and confident with no muscle stiffness and stress which were almost part of my life since last 4 years. Very professional and careful consideration of the situation to start his treatment.

I would definitely recommend Dr Rishi Loatey and his services.” Sree Harsha (5* Google Review)

“I was recommended to come to this centre by a friend. I injured my back travelling for work and Rishi and the team have been fantastic. My back was cured within the 4-5 week timeline and now I go for regular monthly catch ups and pleased to say all is well. The recommendations are spot on and fit in with my hectic work schedule. Friendly staff and has a real friendly and homily vibe. Excellent service all around and well worth it.” Samsam Schwammy (5* Google Review)

“I have been visiting this chiropractor for a couple of years. Rishi has helped me overcome my back problems and lead a more active life. He carries out treatments in a very soothing manner. The practice staff are very helpful and accommodating. I would thoroughly recommend this practice.” Mala Anand (5* Google Review)

“I have been coming this clinic for a number of years for regular reviews. Very professional and helpful in every way. Always greeted with a smile and always a phone call reminder of your appointment beforehand.
Never had a problem Always available to help! Highly recommended” Rita Sharma (5* Google Review)

“My brother recommended me over 10 years where I got treatment from Rishi when I was suffering severe neck and migraine problems. Earlier this year my disc deranged in my neck that I was unable to move, needed help to get out of bed and could not go to work. I got in touch with Rishi and he was very accommodating by arranging an appointment the very same day. After a couple of appointments, I was able to start feeling motion back in my neck, which felt impossible at the time. I received intense treatment throughout the week where I certainly started to feel a difference in the movement and stiffness.
I would really recommend Rishi for his amazing treatment, the warmth and professional manner that he and his staff provide by putting the customer first and for being understanding and accommodating.” Dhrupti Patel (5* Google Review)

“It’s one of those amazing places it’s been under your nose for years but until you really need it you never really took any notice
After lifting something far too heavy and waking up the following morning and having to roll out of bed onto my knees to even stand up thats when it’s time to go to the spine and joint centre
One phone call to them and I was booked in that day for a examination to find out what damage I had actually done( that’s an education in itself) all joking apart
From the front desk through to seeing doctor Rishi the treatment is professional, through and friendly
It’s amazing how quickly our bodies will repair themselves with the right help. It doesn’t stop there with a combination of treatment and exercises my back has made a full recovery and with the education as to do’s and don’ts hopefully won’t end up seized up again
Also available are complimentary therapies but I have not tried these” John Cowan (5* Google Review)

“Amazing treatment and really friendly staff. I visit here monthly for my chiropractic and sports massage therapy, and it’s first class.” Gowthaman Achchuthan (5* Google Review)

“Having been to various Chiropractors and physiotherapy treatments over the years, all pretty useless, was absolutely relived to find Dr Rishi.
Not only is his general Medical Knowledge excellent. But his speciality expertise and skill at reducing pain unbelievable, in my neck and back.

He has been invaluable to helping me recover.” Gareth Fernandes (5* Google Review)

“I heard about Dr Rishi via a colleague at work and I am so happy I did!I have been suffering for years with muscle spams across my shoulder blades and although a little apprehensive because of the thought of incurring more pain I went to see Dr and apart from having a wonderful personality he has helped me greatly with this terrible pain I was having. I love the fact that you are not prescribed any medication just the magic hands of Dr Rishi.” Dalkeith Charlemagne (5* Google Review)

“I was aware of Doctor Rishi Loatey’s service through my Martial Arts training. I had not previously had the beed to use his services until October 2016, when I was suffering form lower back pain. My MA instructor suggested I pay Dr Loatey a visit. I did. After initial I was given some exercises to carry out alongside the treatment given by Doctor Loatey. After completing the course of treatment, I was encouraged to continue with the exercises to strengthen my back. I am veryt pleased with the treatment I have been given, and the ongoing support that I am getting. Dr loatey was very professional and made me feel atr ease about the treatment from day 1. I would definitely recommend him to friends and colleagues.” Girish Shah (5* Google Review)

“After suffering from slipped disc in lower back and neck problems I was in search for an expert in this field, I heard about The Spine & Joint Centre from my daughter and must say I highly reccommend it, from the friendly staff and excellent service provided. Following the treatment and advice I have recovered from the severe problems and day to day life is much easier than before. For anyone looking for help, book an appointment as soon as possible!” Gurmej Bharj (5* Google Review)

“I have been a client of the Richdale Centre for many years. I first visited when I was experiencing regular headaches following a particularly stressful time in my life, and after a number of sessions these completely cleared up. I visit the centre twice a year for a regular check-up to keep an eye on my neck and shoulder which have historically been a bit of a problem for me.

I have recommended a number of friends who have also been most impressed with the service provided.

The staff are extremely friendly and attentive and you really feel valued! Added to that, I feel the fees are very reasonable.” Fin Lawrence (5* Google Review)

“I was seen the same day as an emergency after trying physiotherapy and getting little relief. Excellent results achieved for me, Dr Loatey has a professional caring approach and is highly recommended.” Zofia Whitaker (5* Google Review)

“I was suffering from back pain and neck problems that induced severe headaches, after seeing Dr. Loatey and following some simple daily stretches I have significantly minimised the headaches and I no longer have any back problems. I would highly recommend the practice.” Dean Mccallam (5* Google Review)

“It was in late September 2016 I sustained a back injury in the course of my duties at the University library where I work. I went to see my GP who was generally unsympathetic and recommended I take a month off work and keep taking the Ibuprofen. I had been hoping for a more proactive rehabilitation and had mentioned this to a friend who, as it so happens, sees a chiropractor in Luton. He was able to ask on my behalf for the name of my nearest service and I was referred to Dr. Loatey.
I have to admit I was apprehensive at first but very soon all of my fears were allayed. All the staff at the S&J centre are very friendly and highly efficient and actually treat you like a human being!
Now into my 5th month of treatment, I can say that full, pain free mobility has been restored and I’m back to my old self. Mission accomplished!
I would have no hesitation in recommending the centre to family and friends and would award a five star+ if it were possible.
My thanks to Dr Loatey and all the staff at the S&J centre.” Alex Andreou (5* Google Review)

“It’s been more then 1 year that I am under treatment of Dr Rishi. He is a great doctor who exactly knows how a patient is feeling. With 2 kids & work i thought i can never run or walk again with severe pain in legs & back but after few weeks of good exersice and checkups I am feeling great and energetic A big THANKYOU to the Dr & I would highly recommend this surgery The spine and joint centre.” Worker Minecraft Gamer (5* Google Review)

“Like many people I have had problems with my back and I started seeing Dr Loatey a few years ago. His treatment and suggested exercises have helped a lot and thankfully now only go every 3 months or so for a check up but I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else as they are very friendly and professional at Richdales.” Paul Clark (5* Google Review)

“I recently suffered with severe lower back pain and was barely able to move. Dr Loatey was recommended to me by a family member so I called him and was able to make an emergency appointment for the same day. After the 1st treatment I was able to walk more freely and the pain was massively reduced. Dr Loatey was also very accommodating when I had a relapse a couple of days later and fitted me in as he knew how much pain I was suffering. I would recommend him to anyone who has any back problems, as he explains the diagnosis clearly and agrees a treatment plan that is suited to you. I would also like to say that the receptionist’s are always polite and very professional.” Karen Nicholls (5* Google Review)

“Dr. Loatey is the best! Seriously, A-star. I was struggling with loads of lower back pain and neck and shoulder pain for over 3 years then I met with Dr. Loatey and his treatments have made a world of difference for me. As a performer, my body is my instrument and bi-weekly/monthly check-ins have helped me sort out any issues before they can arise. I could not have performed in my last show without it. The staff, especially Vanessa, are always so lovely and accommodating and Dr. Loatey’s bedside manner is consistently a pleasure.” Sherese Parris (5* Google Review)

“Very good clinic, when you’re in pain they try to squeeze you in and very professional.” Kaelan Morris (5* Google Review)

“After suffering severe muscle tension in the upper back and neck I initially consulted physiotherapists in hopes to reduce pain. There wasn’t much luck in terms of long term reduction in discomfort. Carrying out day to day tasks such as carrying shopping bags or work backpacks was proving to be challenging. I wasn’t able to go to the gym as I once did and life wasn’t getting any easier. I then searched online for local Chiropractic clinics and came across Dr. Loatey’s practise. After my first consultation I was reassured that something could definalety be done to help my cause. Results were noticed after the first manipulation, where I felt a reduction in stress build up in my upper back and generally my body being more fluid like. I first started going once a week to see Dr. Loatey and after a few weeks when the pain started reducing, this was then narrowed down to every two weeks and finally now every six weeks. I am back in the gym after two years and progressing with my fitness goals. My situation is definitely improving and would not be in the condition that I am now if I didn’t consult with Dr. Loatey. He is an expert in what he does and a very capable Chiropractic Practitioner. He also has a friendly and professional Admin service. I highly recommend this this practice for people that have joint, muscle and back problems!” Owais B (5* Google Review)

“I have been having treatment from Dr.Loatey since December 2014 when I discovered on Christmas Eve that I wasn’t able to stand or walk. After being recommended by a family member, Dr. Loatey offered me an emergency appointment to have my back examined. Dr. Loatey is comprehensive and worked with me to get me back to normal within a few weeks. I now attend regular sessions to maintain my posture and I work with the Doctor with special exercises to strengthen my weak areas. I have recommended Dr.Loatey to my friends and family as my experience was life changing and I feel that with good chiropractic help many ailments can be avoided.” Raj Bhadare (5* Google Review)

“After years of Physio therapy I was getting no where with the severe lower back problem and aches and pains associated with it, it was an off chance I saw the clinic on the main road and decided to book an appointment . Best thing I have done , never regretted. Met Rishi and his manner from the very first time you meet him is one of being attentive and caring towards you as a customer and it stands out . Welcoming you in the reception area as he walks through before he has even met you stands out as excellent customer service. After treatment and detailed explanation of the root causes of my pain , I sleep so much better and am able to lot of things that I could not do before and am hopeful of feeling much better following the rest of my treatments. It’s a great place with great service and you couldn’t improve on it if you tried as you are right there at the top as far as I’m concerned.” Farouk K (5* Google Review)

“Rishi is a very skilled Chiropractor who has helped me tremendously. Before I came to this clinic I suffered for years from lower back pain up to the extent that one some days I could not get out of bed. I had to drop things like going to galleries, sitting for extended periods of time, vacuum cleaning etc. Simple unavoidable things like standing on the tube were a nightmare for me.
The pain was insufferable and the problems continued despite seeking help from various practitioners over the years. Rishi was adamant during my first treatment session that he could get me back to a ‘normal’ life without pain. Though I had trouble believing this, six months later that became a reality – all thanks to his care and a minimum amount of exercises.
I can’t thank and recommend this clinic enough.” Alexandra Z (5* Google Review)

“I would never find this place if not my work colleague. I live 40 miles away, but after very good recommendation I’ve decided to try. I suffer from back , neck and shoulder pain for nearly 6 years. I’ve seen my GP many times but except of painkillers and physio (which made the things worse) he didn’t offer me anything else. I’ve got to that stage that I could’t lift anything, couldn’t turn my head or even wash my hair. Since I’ve started seeing Mr Rishi most of my problems are gone. I still feel some pain in my shoulder but it is much better and I believe that it will eventually go as well. I highly recommend this place. Quality of my life improved by 100 %.” Joanna R (5* Google Review)

“I have been suffering from shoulder & lower back pain for the last 3 years. I tried a few different chiropractors and osteopaths, however Richdales Chiropractic is where I stayed. With the treatments and exercises suggested by Rishi my lower back pain dissipated entirely as did my shoulder tension. I still come to Richdales but only for maintenance sessions. I can strongly recommend Richdales practice, professional, caring, friendly and very effective.” Kasia H (5* Google Review)

“Several years ago I mentioned to one of my work colleagues that I was experiencing a sharp pain in my shoulder which started after a training session. He suggest I contacted Dr. Rishi at Richdale Chiropractor since he had great results when he had received treatment from them in the past. After contacting the surgery and after few treatments and suggested exercises to do at home the pain in the shoulder gradually disappeared and I was able to return to train as hard a before the injury. In more recent times Dr Rishi as/is helping me recover from an excruciating trapped nerve in my back. As before he is/has done/doing a fantastic job. I have no problem recommending Richdale Chiropractor to friends or family.” David B (5* Google Review)

“Since injuring my shoulder in the gym, I have been going to the spine and joint clinic. The shoulder is back to being pain free and fully functional again . The clinic is bright and clean .. And the staff very helpful and polite.  I would recommend this clinic to anybody affected by joint pain or possibly a car accident injury. I still go every 3 months to maintain my joints.” Chris C (5* Google Review)

“I was recommended by a family member to visit the chiropractor as I had a back back and was bed bound. I was assessed for my back pain by Dr Rishi and he started my treatment. Within a week I was able to walk without the support of a zimmer frame and reduced the pain relief medication I was on. After 3 weeks of the treatment, I was fully recovered and returned back to work. I would recommend this centre to anyone suffering with back problems.” Pushpa P (5* Google Review)

“I was diagnosis with Dish. I was referred to Physiotherapy treatment, after treatment, I was bed bound and was not able to move at all and need the help of Zimmer frame to walk.My wife’s friend recommend Dr Rishey. After the assessment he told me that he will be able to treat my problem. Since the treatment I am now fully mobile and is able to do everything independently. He also suggested to start walking gradually for 30 mins a day which i started and now I walk 4 times a day for 45 mins a time which helped me loose my weight and control of diabetic.
I will recommend anyone suffering with back problem or to do with bone and joints.” J G Bhundia (5* Google Review)

“I have been helped beyond my expectations, started treatment just able to walk, but now am fully mobile and able to lead a near normal lifestyle. Thanks to Dr Rishi Loatey.” Leon T (5* Google Review)

“Excellent treatment, would highly recommend. I have previously visited a chiropractor, and was looking for another one after moving to a different area. After scanning various sites, and reviews, I opted to visit Dr Loatey. He gave a very thorough examination, understood clearly the problem that I have and has been able to treat it successfully. He has given me follow up exercises. He is also very accommodating if I have had to call up for a last minute appointment. I couldn’t be happier with the treatment that I have been receiving.” Rachel W (5* Google Review)

“I encountered lower back pain – I found my back started to ache and become painful throughout each day making it uncomfortable to even sit down for long. I found out about Richdales Chiropractors through family who recommended them. Since starting my treatment my back has improved hugely. I no longer have any pain in my back and I was given very helpful tips and exercises to keep it in a good shape. My back is now much strengthened through the treatment given – all thanks to Richdales. All the staff are very helpful and all aimed towards making it a calm and relaxed environment. Highly recommended.” Mark W (5* Google Review)

“Dr Loatey is fantastic, he has helped me with both my back and foot pain. I have recommended him to many of my work colleagues and family.” Sheree B (5* Google Review)

“Richdales Chiropractic is a professionally run clinic. Dr Loatey has been treating me for over 10 years. He is a consummate professional, he listens and is a very caring person. The treatments I have received allow me to live pain free and with no need for medical intervention. I have always received 5 star treatments. The reception staff also deserve thanks and recognition. They are extremely professional and caring. The practice is very well run, a great Dr with a great team.” Sandra F (5* Google Review)

“I had suffered with lower back pain after slipping down a bank while on holiday back when I was 16. My mum referred me to Dr Loatey after the pain became to much for me work with. I have been going to him for a little over 10 yrs now, for tune ups and a few other issues that have cropped over the years. He is fantastic, very friendly, and patient while working on your problems. I have recommended him to fiends and other members of my family too.” Michelle B (5* Google Review)

“I went for Physiotherapy and acupuncture treatment for 6 months and did not feel any improvement to my pain.I then got recommended to go to Dr Loaty who assessed my situation and advised that he was able to help. After a few months of treatment, I could feel my pain reducing and I was able to do some light activities again. 8 months on and I am pain free.. The team are great and very professional. I would definately recommend my friends and family to go to Dr Loaty.” K Mandalia (5* Google Review)

“Having suffered with a weak back for many years, I was having recurrent episodes where my back would go into spasm and I would be unable to move without being in a lot of pain.
I had been seeing an osteopath for years who would correct the problem but the problem always came back.
having slipped a disc in early 2014, I was diagnosed with a bulging disc and slight mechanical wear and tear; not bad for a 57 year old.
the frequency of pain and immobilisation was increasing with more and more time off work. I felt like a burden to everyone and was chatting to a therapist I had met who recommended Dr. Lotay whom she herself had used.
I felt I had nothing to lose so booked an appointment in March 2015.
Dr. Lotay is thorough and caring. After a very in depth health questionnaire and assessment, he continued to treat me on a fairly regular basis. I still had relapses through over straining my back and not doing the recommended exercises on a regular basis; that takes self discipline which grew with time.
14 months on and I am now only seeing him for maintenance sessions or when my back “goes”. As he explained, the episodes would become less frequent, less severe and I would recover form them much quicker because my back would function at a stronger, higher level.
This is indeed the case.
I have recommended some of my clients to him with great success.
If you are experiencing debilitating back pain, I can thoroughly recommend this kind professional man who has changed my life for the better.
Why suffer and let the vicious cycle keep repeating, get the route cause sorted.” MT Portsmouth (5* Google Review)

“I heard about the centre from my friend after trying physiotherapy and osteopathy for many months for an injured arthritic knee. I was struggling on a daily basis, mainly at my work where I would be on my feet most of the time for 12 hours. After having treatment with Dr Loatey, my knee pain has reduced considerably so I can continue working, which I wasn’t sure about before. I have benefitted greatly from my treatment and would highly recommend Dr loatey for anyone with knee joint problems.” Padma R (5* Google Review)

“I have been suffering from neck & lower back pain for the last thirty years, I know there is no cure for my spinal problem ,though finding a good Chiropractor can help you live with the pain. During this time i have tried many Osteopath & Chiropractor practices with limited success, having to return for more treatment every 2 to 3 months. About six years ago i was recommended by a friend to try Dr Rishi Loatey’s practice. He has greatly helped my back and i am usually pain free for about 6-9 months, for this i am truly grateful.” Graham G (5* Google Review)

“I have been using Richdales for more than 6 years with a good rate of success. I have suffered episodes of back pain since I was in my twenties ( I am now 71) and the episodes have increased as I have aged. Dr. Loathey has been able to bring relief, usually with just a couple of visits, and I also have a regular check up with him every one or two months. I f I get a sudden pain attack I try to get to the clinic as soon as possible and the clinic has always been able to arrange an appointment within 24hours or less even on a Saturday. I know that no one can cure my condition but Dr. Loathey has enabled me to quickly resume a normal life. I would highly recommend this clinic.” Anthony K (5* Google Review)

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Yasser Ranjha
Thank you Spine and Joint Centre! Very professional service. The reception staff are very welcoming and friendly. Rishi is fantastic and helped resolve my lower back issues. I would highly recommend.
Yasser Ranjha
Nita Unadkat
Excellent treatment by Dr R Loatey. I had such a bad shoulder pain for the last 9 months or so and nothing was helping! Having had quite a few sessions at the centre has helped me tremendously thank you so much 🙏
Nita Unadkat
Rishi and the team are really professional and have helped improve my mobility. The front desk are always helpful and engaging and the therapist (Rishi) is personable and truly knows what to do to get you healing. I am continuing to see them for follow up treatment and to monitor my progress. The clinic is hygenic, bright and well situated. Thanks again to the team at this clinic for helping me on my journey to better mobility!
Piero Mannino
I was in pain,now I'm flying!
Piero Mannino
Love the adjustments from Dr Lucy Hogan and outcome is great. If anybody looking for chiropractic treatments then look further. This is the one.
Antonio Toma
I recently visited the Spine and Joint Centre for my lower back pain where I was treated by Dr Hogan. After just a few visits, I could feel gradual alleviation in my back pain and I am now pain-free. I highly recommend the Spine and Joint Centre to anyone dealing with lower back pain.
Antonio Toma
Dilz Vekaria
I started back in 2021 and have been seeing Dr Rishi who has solved all my problems and made me better than I was. It’s always nice seeing the staff and having a chat as they are very welcoming too. I would highly recommend if a chiropractor is needed.
Dilz Vekaria
Anthony Clarke
I recently injured my back, and had difficulty standing straight. When i called they made an appointment, they made one for me the next day. After a few sessions with Dr Rishi i was able to stand up straight without the use of a walking stick. If you have back and mobility issues i would reccomend this clinic if you are in the area.
Anthony Clarke
Shivam Anand
I had a major groin injury that was causing me a lot of discomfort. After a few sessions with Rishi I felt an immediate improvement and his treatment made a massive difference, I would like to thank him and his team for all there efforts
Shivam Anand
I can’t thank Dr Rishi enough for treating my elderly mother who was in agony with neck nerve pain radiating down her arm. After being disheartened by GP’s, I am so grateful for everyone who has left a google review and recommended the spine and joint centre and Dr Rishi. After the first treatment, my mother felt relief and had hope that she will be relieved of the pain. It has also been a great comfort for my mother because Dr Rishi speaks Punjabi and can speak to her directly without me having to translate for her. We will continue to see Dr Rishi for routine chiropractic care and I do not hesitate to recommend the Spine and Joint Centre for anyone looking for great patient care. The full team and receptionists are exceptional and customer service is professional, helpful with a patient-centred approach.