Headaches & Migraines

Is getting a headache normal?

Almost everyone suffers from a headache from time to time and they are so common that many of us take the odd one for granted. However, you may be suffering from too many headaches.

There are many causes of headaches and your Chiropractor at the Spine & Joint Centre may be able to treat the cause of your headache.

Chiropractic can be effective in the treatment of headaches that are the result of an injury or problems to the neck (cervicogenic headache). These types of headache usually affect the base of the skull or one or both sides of the head and are usually dull and achy.

Migraine is a severe headache. A migraine is usually accompanied by other symptoms such as increased sensitivity to light or sound, nausea or visual disturbances. Headaches can be caused by problems affecting the verterbrae (bones of the spine). These can be a contributory factor in migraines. Tightness in your neck muscles due to stress and tension in your neck, shoulders and back can be relieved by Chiropractic treatment.

What’s wrong with taking painkillers?

Painkillers can dull your pain but the don’t necessarily deal with the cause of your pain, which means that your pain may well return. They can also have ‘side effects! which are not wanted!.

Research has shown that taking painkillers more than 15 days a month every month to treat headaches can actually cause more headaches.

How can lifestyle changes help?

Stress can often be a trigger for cervicogenic headaches and neck pain. Certain substances in food and drink and also some mineral deficiencies may also be related to headaches.

It may be possible to decrease the number of headaches by changing some of your habits and postures. Small changes in you lifestyle can often lead to major improvements to the quality of your life.

Your Chiropractor at the Spine & Joint Centre can advise you of lifestyle changes that may help you.

What if it something serious?

Your Chiropractor has the training and experience to determine if Chiropractic treatment is not appropriate for the cause of your headaches. Your Chiropractor will refer you to the appropriate healthcare professional such as GP or Consultant Neurologist.

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