Watch Your Posture as You Watch the Winter Olympics

back care advice from our chiropractor in ealingWith the Winter Olympics starting soon, a lot of us will be planning on plonking ourselves down in front of the TV for longer than usual. But our Ealing chiropractor wants to warn of the dangers of prolonged sitting. We may not think we’re doing our bodies any harm by spending some relaxation time slouched on the sofa, but sitting for prolonged periods of time can be seriously harmful on our health. So before you slump in front of the TV for hours on end, read on:

Harmful Effects of Sitting for Too Long

1.  Weak legs and glutes

When you sit down, you don’t have to rely on your strong lower body muscles to support your upper body weight. This can lead to your muscles becoming weak and unstable. Your body is also at an increased risk of injury without strong leg and glute muscles to stabilise you.

 2.  Weight gain

Movement helps your muscles to release essential molecules that help to process the fats and sugars you eat. If you a long time sitting, less of these molecules get released into your body and you are at a higher risk of gaining weight.

3. Tight hips and back pain

Your hips and back will almost certainly suffer if you sit for prolonged periods of time.  Sitting causes your hip flexors to shorten which can result in them becoming tight and stiff. If you have bad posture as well, or you don’t use an ergonomic chair, you are likely to experience back pain! Your shoulders and neck may also bear the brunt of sitting down for too long – especially if you tend to hunch or slouch.

Relaxing in front of the TV may seem like quite an innocent thing to do, but the health implications of sitting down for too long can be enormous!

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