Take Back Pain Off Your Christmas List!

back care advice at Christmas from our ealing chiropractorIt may be the most wonderful time of the year, but if you suffer with chronic back pain, Christmas time can become more of a pain than a pleasure. From decorating, to gift shopping and hosting Christmas meals, your spine can feel like it’s under siege with everything going on! Luckily, our Ealing chiropractor has some top tips to ensure you look after your back this Christmas.

Accept Help

Set aside your pride and accept help when it’s offered. Instead of lugging that 20lb Christmas turkey on your own, ask someone to help you! Most people are happy to help, and accepting a hand here and there could just save you from months of pain.

Host a Decorating Party

When it comes to decorating and packing, the more hands on deck the better! Climbing onto your roof or up  to the top of the Christmas tree to string those twinkling lights is not something someone with chronic back pain should be doing! Ask your friends and family to help out with any decorating duties (the children will love getting involved!) and you take charge of the tasks that spare your back, such as hanging ornaments or lacing the fireplace with tinsel.

Everyone Cooks

Cooking Christmas lunch isn’t about being a hero, so don’t try to be one! No one in your family will want to see you in pain over the Christmas period, no matter how good your roast tastes! If you suffer with chronic back pain, make a plan for everyone to help out with the cooking. And if you’ve got guests coming, ask them each to bring a specific dish to contribute to the meal. Not only will your back be grateful, but your guests will feel extra special knowing that they’ve made their mark on Christmas lunch.

Back pain can ruin Christmas, so follow this simple advice and you can help to prevent chronic back flare-ups and really get in the spirit of the season!

We wish you all a happy and healthy Christmas

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