Suffering Back Pain? Give Yourself A Gift …

back care advice from our ealing chiropractorAre you suffering back pain? Have you been suffering for some time? Do you suffer recurring back pain?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is yes then you may want to read on.

Unfortunately you’re not alone. Back pain is a common condition and at some point in our lives research indicates that four out of five of us will experience back pain. This is probably of little concern to you as back pain can be debilitating and often have a significant impact on the quality of your life.

You may well have sought professional help or have tried over the counter medications and found these options to be of little help with your condition. It may well be the case that you haven’t sought any form of help as research shows that over a third of British people wait for over a month before seeking professional help. One in ten will not seek help at all and suffer in silence.

Our chiropractor at The Spine & Joint Centre in Ealing stresses the importance of seeking professional medical help if you have been experiencing back pain for more than a few days.

At our busy chiropractic clinic in Ealing  our chiropractor, on a daily basis, treats patients who are suffering back pain. Many of these patients have been putting up with their back pain for some time or have tried other forms of treatment that hasn’t worked for them.

Chiropractic is a gentle, safe and effective treatment for back pain. Chiropractic treatment along with staying active may well be the best solution for treating your back pain. There can be many causes to back pain and it is important to get to the cause of your back pain.

That’s why when you visit our clinic you will receive a thorough consultation and examination on your first visit. It is only once your chiropractor has completed these that he is in a position to offer diagnosis of your complaint.

If you are suffering back pain you don’t have to live with it. Our chiropractor at The Spine & Joint Centre is here to help you get to the root cause of your pain and help you feel better.

Here are just a few comments our patients have left us:

“Excellent treatment, would highly recommend…I couldn’t be happier with the treatment that I have been receiving.” Rachel W

“Why suffer and let the vicious cycle keep repeating, get the route cause sorted.” MT Portsmouth

“With the treatments and exercises suggested by Rishi my lower back pain dissipated entirely as did my shoulder tension” Kasia H

“I would recommend this clinic to anybody affected by joint pain or possibly a car accident injury.” Chris C

“I highly recommend this place. Quality of my life improved by 100 %.” Joanna R

“Excellent treatment, would highly recommend…I couldn’t be happier with the treatment that I have been receiving.” Rachel W

“Dr Loatey is fantastic, he has helped me with both my back and foot pain…The practice is very well run, a great Dr with a great team.” Sandra F

Give yourself the gift of freedom form back pain this year and seek out help from our chiropractor at The Spine & Joint Centre in Ealing.

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