Step Into Spring

back care advice from our ealing chiropractorSpring is a beautiful time of the year. The days are getting longer, spring flowers are starting to show their heads above ground and just maybe we see a few more days of warmer weather.

For many Spring time inspires a fresh start. This may mean a spring clean of the house or maybe a commitment to take some exercise. If you’re of the latter disposition then our chiropractor at The Spine & Joint Centre in Ealing suggests one form of exercise over and above any others.

Walking is possibly on of the simplest ways to get active. Not only is it free but it is an accessible form of exercise for most people. Unfortunately it is often an underrated as a form of exercise.

Our Ealing chiropractor wants to encourage more people to take up walking as a daily form of exercise. Here are some tips and advice to get you out and about walking:

  • If you haven’t taken regular exercise in a while, you want to start out slowly and not overdo it. You can gradually build up the distance and intensity of your walks over time.
  • Start with some simple stretches before your walk. As you get towards the end of the walk start slowing down your pace and then finish with a few gentle stretches.
  • Make it a habit to include as much walking into your daily routine as possible. For example, park further from the shops, take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator, walk your children to school.
  • Walking groups are great source of inspiration and a good way to make friends. You can search online for groups near you.
  • Set yourself some goals. It’s always good to have a target to achieve to keep you motivated.

We are very fortunate in Ealing to have some great areas for walking and groups to support walkers. Ealing Walks is an accredited Walking for Health Scheme. They offer a number of walks across the borough of Ealing. The walks are free and are led by a trained walk leader. All you need do is wear a comfortable shoes and suitable clothing and turn up a the meeting point. They publish details of their Ealing walks on their website here.

Ealing council also publish details of walking routes that can be explored independently. They provide maps and directions for these walks. These walks include ones on Ealing Common,  around Acton and Gunnersbury. You can get details of the walks around Ealing here.

There’s plenty of opportunities in and around Ealing to get one foot in front of the other and get walking.



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