Why You Shouldn’t Self-Diagnose Your Back Problem: Advice From Our Ealing Chiropractor

ealing chiropractor explains RSIMany of us nowadays have to struggle with back issues. A more sedentary lifestyle, where we’re likely to be hunched over an office desk or sat behind the wheel of a car for prolonged periods of time, means that areas like the back can quickly develop problems.

There are, of course, plenty of things that we can do to prevent back issues. Making sure you have regular exercise and don’t sit for too long are both important, for example.

Another is that, if you have a back issue, you should really get it investigated properly.

The Problems with Self-Diagnosis

We have access to more information than we’ve ever had before. Online health sites allow us to find out about different conditions and make a diagnosis without leaving the comfort of our living rooms.

The trouble is that we can often misdiagnose because we don’t have the training or the information we need. After all, most people are not qualified medical professionals and won’t understand that there may be other causes for our health problem.

The reason that this is problematic is that it can lead patients to think either something isn’t wrong or that they can manage their own health without seeing a professional at all. That can also mean a condition drags on and worsens rather than being treated properly.

If you have back pain, for example, putting off having a proper examination by a GP or a chiropractor could mean that you end up doing more damage than good.

The Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor

Many patients come to our Ealing chiropractic clinic after having first investigated their problem online. They seem certain that they have this illness or that condition and it’s rarely accurate. It’s as if they come to the clinic just to have their diagnosis confirmed.

When you visit our clinic in Ealing for the first time, you’ll be given a detailed consultation which will include a physical examination as well as discussion about what the problem and symptoms are. The role of the chiropractor is to get an accurate diagnosis and get you out of pain as quickly as possible with the minimum of discomfort.

If it’s clinically appropriate you may be sent for further tests such as an x-ray, blood test or MRI scan. Your chiropractor will only begin treatment if they think that chiropractic treatment is suitable for your condition and believe that manipulation is going to give you relief.

Some treatments will work fairly quickly, others may need more than one application before you begin to really see the effects. It’s vital to treat the cause of the pain you are in rather than just the symptoms and sometimes this can take time.

Book an Appointment With Your Ealing Chiropractor Today

If you have a back or joint problem, it’s really important to get yourself diagnosed by a professional and to find a treatment path that is suitable for your condition. Self-diagnosis can actually be counter-productive because it may well stop you seeking treatment or lure you into a false sense of security that everything is okay.

You might, for instance, think your problem is just down to age and wear and tear and you can’t do anything about your back pain. The chances are you are probably wrong.

If you are suffering from back or joint pain, then you need to get it checked out. Contact our Ealing chiropractor clinic today to book an appointment.

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