Is The School Run Bugging You?

exercise advice from our ealing chiropractorIs the school run bugging you? If it is, you’re not alone. Results recently released from research by YouGov 2018 reveals the top 10 most annoying things parents find about the school run. The top 3 include:

  1. Too many cars at the school gates (54%)
  2. Cars parking on the pavement (50%)
  3. Too much traffic on the roads (45%)

To encourage more families to walk to school the Living Streets organisation is calling for more local authorities to pilot schemes such as school road closures alongside other measures.

One in four cars on the road during peak times are on the school run. Air pollution caused by motor vehicles is a;so a major concern with over 2,000 primary school sin the UK being situated in pollution hot spots. Reducing the number of cars on the daily school run will help reduce air pollution, especially around schools.

A generation ago 70 per cent of children used to walk to school. The numbers recorded in latest surveys shows a significant drop.  Currently just 53 per cent of children in England walk to school (National Travel Survey), 42 per cent in Wales (Walking and cycling in Wales: Active travel, 2016-17) and Scotland (Hands Up Scotland Survey, Scotland: 2016 (Sustrans).

As chiropractors we are concerned by the increasing numbers of children and teenagers that suffer back pain. As adults and children lead increasingly sedentary lives their backs suffer leading to an increase in back pain. Being active and taking regular exercise is important to combat the effect of the sedentary lifestyles that so many of our children (and adults) are living.

Walking to school adds extra activity into our children’s daily lives. There are many more benefits of a walk to school such as children having better concentration during the school day.

October is Walk to School month so why not leave the car at home and walk to school.

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