Put a Wrap on Back Pain For Good

back care advice from our ealing chiropractorChristmas is coming and that means you probably have a heap of presents to wrap! Unfortunately, sitting or standing for long periods of time can put a massive amount of strain on your spine. Luckily, our Ealing chiropractor has these top tips to keep your back safe as you wrap presents this year.

Don’t sit on the floor.

It may be your first inclination to plonk yourself down on the floor to wrap presents, but you should sit on a chair that offers adequate back support. Alternatively, if you prefer to stand, wear sensible shoes to support your spine. You can even stand evenly on a memory foam mat, if you have one.

Wrap and go.

Instead of trying to wrap all of your gifts at once, break up the wrapping sessions into small sections so that you can ease the strain on your neck, back and arms. This will help to minimise fatigue and ensure you’re not straining your muscles. Remember to take regular breaks from wrapping too; walk around, stretch your legs and do something else in between sorting the gifts.

 Make gift wrapping easy with gift bags.

Think of all the cutting and stretching that you have to do as you manoeuvre rolls of wrapping paper. So why not try festive bags instead?  It takes no time at all to place your presents in a pretty Christmas bag. It’s certainly a lot easier than dealing with all the fuss of trying to cut out rolls and rolls of wrapping paper!

Ask for help with heavy items.

Don’t try to be “Super Santa” this Christmas! If a gift is too heavy for you to lift or if you have to contort your body into awkward positions to wrap something, ask for help! You’ll be no good to anyone if you injure your back before Christmas, so be sensible!

Remember that it doesn’t have to take a significant injury to cause major back pain. Sometimes, the smallest things can make the biggest difference when it comes to looking after the health of your spine.

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