Put a Spring in Your Step and Clean Up Your Back Health With Advice From Our Ealing Chiropractor

cleaning advice from our ealing chiropractorWe have all heard of the big Spring Clean as the seasons change, but have you thought about spring cleaning your back health?

If your back is feeling as sluggish and as miserable as a cold winter’s day, these top tips from our chiropractor at the Spine and Joint Centre in Ealing can help to warm up your back health.

Improving the health of your spine is one of the best things you can do to reduce the risk of chronic back pain and improve your overall wellbeing. And sometimes, the smallest changes can make the biggest differences.



Our chiropractor’s top tips to spruce up your spine health this spring


1: Give It a Rest!

While you sleep, all those busy structures in your spine get an opportunity to rest and revitalise.  To reap the greatest benefits of this downtime, it is crucial you invest in a mattress and pillow that will properly support your back and that you change your mattress no less than every 7/8 years.


2: Look after Your Core

Strong core muscles will support your spine and take extra pressure off your lower back. You can strengthen your core muscles (and reduce the risk of chronic back pain) by undertaking daily exercises. A chiropractor can advise you about the type of exercises that are most suitable for your condition. The stronger your core muscles are, the healthier your spine will be!


3: Wear Good Shoes

You may be head over heels in love with your sky-scraper stilettos, but they certainly do not love your spine!

You should look for the type of shoes that offer a supportive base that helps to keep your spine and body in the correct alignment. A good way to test if a shoe is good for your spine is  to make sure the area that fits the back of your heel is well-fitted but not too tight. This will prevent over pronation or supination and will reduce the risk of your spine overcompensating for misalignments.  You can also try wearing shoe inserts if you need extra support.


 4: Stand More and Sit Less

The discs in your lower spine are loaded three times more when you are sitting down.  You may also notice that you tend to slouch or slump when you are sitting at a desk or working at a computer screen for long periods of time.

Avoid sitting for long periods of time whenever you can, and when you do sit down, make sure you check your posture and stand up, stretch and walk around every 20-30 minutes. Remember that your spine was designed to move, and it needs to remain active to receive crucial nutrients to keep it healthy.

By following these top tips from our chiropractor at the Spine and Joint Centre, you can make big steps towards improving the health of your spine.


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What A Few Of Our Patients Say About The Spine & Joint Centre in Ealing


“After many years of back pain and few unfortunate attempts to heal my back, a few months ago, a friend recommended Dr. Rishi. Before starting my treatment, the pain stopped me from the basic daily routine; even sleeping was a challenge. After a couple of treatment sessions, I was surprised to discover that there is life without constant pain. Despite the situation with the COVID-19, I never stopped going for my weekly treatment as the clinic staff is very well prepared. They comply with the COVID-19 safety regulations; it is an environment where I feel safe.
I will strongly recommend Spine and Joint Centre to all my friends and family.” Mihaela D” (5 Star Google Review)


“I came to the centre suffering from severe lower back pain, Dr Rishi listened to me explain what I was feeling then after asking lots of questions relating to how my pain started what I did etc the treatment started. By the fourth visit I was feeling 75% better, my treatment has continued but my visits are now fortnightly moving to monthly. The entire process has been done with great professionalism and a friendly nature even down to the receptionist Karina who always greets you with a smile and is very welcoming. In all I would highly recommend the spine and joint centre they got me walking pain-free after suffering on and off for many years” Barry C (5 Star Google Review)


“I was suffering from lower back pain for more than 6 months. Couldn’t exercise, had daily pain and discomfort. Had visited a couple of different professionals but without any positive results. Last try was Dr. Rishi Loatey, recommended by an old friend, and I must say I have finally seen very positive results. Following his treatment/instructions I am able to exercise again and live pain free. From my personal experience I would highly recommend this chiropractor.” Kyriakos K (5 Star Google Review


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