Poor posture can be improved and our Ealing Chiropractors Can Help

posture impropvement advice from our ealing chiropractorAt our busy chiropractic clinic in Ealing, our chiropractors are increasingly seeing patients with postural issues such as rounded shoulders, and forward head posture. Worryingly poor posture is also often the cause or a contributory factor to many of our patients’ back pain. These issues are becoming more and more common in the local area.

In many cases, these types of conditions are caused by having a sedentary lifestyle. Essentially, the more time you spend on the couch watching television, looking at a mobile phone, or using a computer, the more likely it is that the quality of your posture will decline.

Fortunately, there are several stretches that are very effective for tackling postural issues such as rounded shoulders. These stretches, when combined with chiropractic treatments, can help to resolve postural issues in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Here are some stretches which can help improve your posture


The Best Stretches To Improve Posture

1. Upper back stretch

This is a wonderful stretch for loosening the muscles in the upper back and regaining flexibility in the thoracic region. Begin by standing about short distance from a wall with a wide stance.

Next, place your hands flat against the wall, then move your torso forward so you are stretching your upper back. Your arms should be about 45 degrees from the wall and your ears should be in line with your shoulders as you stretch. Hold the stretch for at least 10 seconds. Repeat throughout the day.

2. Pectoral Stretch

This is a wonderful stretch for correcting postural issues, stretching the pectorals, and providing relief to overused back muscles. Start by standing next to a doorway. Next, place one hand on each side of the doorway, at about head height. Slowly lean your torso forward until you feel the muscles in your back relax. After performing this stretch, you won’t feel like your upper back muscles are forcing your head forward. If you find the stretch too easy, place your hands higher on the doorway.


3. Chin Tucks

This simple stretch is wonderful for correcting forward head posture. Start by looking straight ahead. Next, place a finger on your chin and push your head backwards. Keep your ears at the same level as you push your head back. You should feel some tension in your upper neck. It’s important that your head goes directly back, so don’t let your chin drop onto your chest.

Perform this stretch at least 10 times. You can perform it while laying in bed, sitting or standing. Once you find it too easy to perform, start pushing your chin back and holding it in that position for several seconds.


Why not make improving your posture part of your daily routine?

We’re taught at an early age to brush our teeth at least twice a day. With the alarming increase in back pain which is affecting adults and children, our chiropractors are encouraging everyone to make improving your posture a part of your daily routine.

The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) has developed a programme designed to be done on a daily basis to improve posture. The simple 3 minute programme has been developed so that people of all ages can do the series of exercises that are included. The programme is made up of 3 segments which are designed to promote balance, strength and flexibility.

We have included the Straighten Up Uk video below for you to follow along with.

Before starting any new form of exercise regime, you should first seek advice from your GP, or chiropractor or other health care practitioner.


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