Our Ealing Chiropractors 10 Favourite Fitness Tips

As a leading chiropractor in Ealing, we see many patients who have suffered a workout injury. Muscle strains, sprains, and spinal misalignments are a part of our day-to-day practice.

We help these patients recover through a combination of chiropractic care, physical therapy, and lifestyle modifications. It’s an effective holistic approach which helps our patents get back to their exercise plan as soon as possible.

In many cases, the injuries we see have occurred because the patient simply pushed themselves too hard. In this post, our Ealing chiropractor will share 10 useful fitness tips to help you achieve your fitness goals while avoiding injury.


Our Ealing Chiropractors’ Top 10 Fitness Tips

#1 – Always Warm Up

Warming up increases blood flow to your muscles and pushes synovial fluid to your joints and cartilage for lubrication. It prepares your joints and connective tissues for the upcoming workout, improving their flexiblity and resilience to injury, so don’t skip it! There are hundreds of warmup routines on YouTube, so check a few out and pick one you enjoy.


#2 – Develop Proper Technique

Using poor technique places additional pressure on the joints and muscles, which can lead to injury, inflammation, or general soreness. Tennis elbow, for example, is usually a result of playing with poor backhand technique. If you are just starting a new type of exercise or your technique is a bit rusty, consider working with a trainer.


#3 – Focus On Gradual Improvement

The safest approach to improving your fitness is to take it slow. Focus on gradual, and continual improvement over the course of several months. Exercise consistently, so you are maintaining or improving your fitness levels on a daily basis. Avoid rushing into high intensity exercise before you are ready, as it may lead to injury.


#4 – Take On A Challenge

Goal setting is an important part of maintaining peak physical fitness. It helps you stay focused, workout consistently, and exercise in a way that delivers tangible results. When defining your goals, make them SMART goals, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

So, instead of: “Lose weight next year” define a goal like “Lose 10 kilograms by March 2021 by following a new diet from my nutritionist and spending at least 30 minutes on the bike, 5 days a week”. This type of goal clearly sets out the milestones you wish to achieve and how you are going to achieve them.


#5 – Look For Ways To Improve Your Flexibility

Developing flexible muscles and joints will reduce your risk of injury, improve your posture and balance, and boost your sporting performance. There are several methods for improving your flexibility including practising yoga and performing daily stretching routines.


#6 – Visit A Chiropractor In Ealing Regularly

Chiropractors do much more than simply treating injuries using chiropractic treatments. They can assess your musculoskeletal system, identifying joint misalignments and any postural issues. By identifying and correcting any problems, you may improve your athletic performance and significantly reduce the risk of an injury.


#7 – Entertain Yourself While Working Out

Getting into the habit of daily exercise is much easier if you look forward to it. The simplest way to make working out enjoyable is to either make it a social activity by performing it with friends, or to entertain yourself with a podcast, audiobook, music, or television show. If your daily 1 hour workout involves a lot of great music or some laughs with friends, it will become a relaxing, enjoyable, and essential part of your day.


#8 – Turn The World Into A Gym

This is a particularly good tip for people who are time poor. Make the most of every opportunity you have to work out. Run up the stairs at work in the morning, do a few  calf raises while waiting for the jug to boil, squeeze your abs while sitting in your car at a stop light, and so on.


#9 – Give Yourself Praise While Working Out

Positive self talk can make your workouts much more effective. Instead of focusing on how difficult your intense workout is, use positive thoughts like:

  • “My muscles are starting to look good!”
  • “I will feel better so much better after this workout”
  • “My kids will be proud of me when they see how much weight I have lost”
  • “Burning the fat now, I am a lean machine!”
  • “I am great for just making a start on this workout”
  • “This workout is just for me, it’s my time to enjoy myself”

Another useful strategy is to use exercise to release any negative emotions that may be swirling around in your head. Has your boss or a colleague been annoying lately? Take it out on the punching bag or do a personal best on the rowing machine just to spite them.


#10 – Cool Down After Exercising

If you are having longer workouts at a medium to high intensity, using a cool down routine will be as important as a warmup. A cool down involves 10 to 15 minutes of stretching out the muscles and joints. It will help you avoid strains, sprains, and pulled muscles. Cooling down can also reduce how much recovery time you need between sessions and improve workout performance.


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