Make Good Posture Your New Year’s Resolution!

back care advice from our ealing chiropractorIf you’re looking for an easy New Year’s resolution to stick to that will bring a host of benefits to your health, just improve your posture!

According to our Ealing chiropractor, good posture is one of the best ways to better your spine health and give your overall wellbeing a boost.

Here are just some of the reasons to make improving your posture your goal for 2018:

It helps digestion

Good digestion is crucial for good health, but many people don’t realise that good posture aids good digestion! When your posture is right, your rib cage will be free and open so that it’s easier for your body to digest what you eat.

It makes for easy breathing

Improving your posture will certainly help your breathing.  Better posture will help your muscles to relax, which helps the functioning of your respiratory system.  Just sitting straight and breathing deeply can make you feel better instantly – give it a try!

It will improve your spine health

Back pain is extremely common and can lead to debilitating pain.  Good posture is absolutely crucial if you have any issues whatsoever with your back, whether these are little niggles or severe pain. Good posture is also one of the easiest ways to reduce your risk of developing back pain.

It will reduce tension

Many of us get so used to carrying tension in our bodies that we don’t even recognise how it affects us.  But if your shoulders and upper back are tight or tense, it could be because of the way you sit or stand. Working on your posture is a simple way to reduce stress related aches and pains.

It can make you slimmer

If you want to look instantly slimmer, improve your posture!  Work on your posture consciously until it becomes natural to carry yourself well, and it will make a huge contribution to your stomach and back muscles. Look in the mirror when you’re slouching and when you’re sitting up straight and check out how much slimmer and more confident you appear!

So there you have them – just a few incredible reasons to make good posture your New Year’s resolution for 2018! It really couldn’t get easier to improve your health and wellbeing!

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