Life’s a Beach with Back Pain

If you suffer with back pain, lying on a beach for a week or so is probably a heavenly thought. No enduring the everyday challenges that come with having back issues; just you with all the time in the world to get that much needed “r & r”. Bliss…

Or is it?

Ahead of the peak holiday season, our Ealing chiropractor warns that too much inactivity (yes, even when you’re on your holidays!) is likely to worsen your existing back pain and may even cause new symptoms to appear.

A dangerous misconception is that exercise should be avoided if you’re experiencing back pain. Many patients are anxious about exercising out of fear of aggravating their existing back pain. And of course, the majority of people go on holidays for the exact opposite reason to exerting themselves!

But, whether you’re in Ealing or “Espania”, the fact still remains that exercise and movement are natural forms of healing… and controlled and progressive activity usually provides the most effective way of reducing back pain and lessening future episodes of pain and symptoms.

According to our chiropractor, more than two days of complete rest will have a negative effect on most people with back pain. Prolonged inactivity – even lying on a tropical beach with the turquoise waters lapping at your feet – will weaken and decondition your back muscles which can increase pain and stiffness.

Of course, everyone is entitled to “downtime” and nobody would expect you to be hitting the gym every morning on your summer holidays. But…if you suffer from back pain then making the effort to perform some light exercise everyday will make all the difference to your back health and give you the best chance of a pain-free and enjoyable holiday! With a swimming pool and beautiful beach walks on your doorstep, there couldn’t be an easier and more enjoyable way to protect your back. What’s 20 minutes a day out of your holiday anyway?

Take a look at how your back will benefit from being a little more active on this year’s beach break:

  • Exercise nourishes and repairs spinal structures which helps to alleviate existing back problems.
  • Exercising the back reduces stiffness by maintaining the flexibility of connective fibers of ligaments and tendons. With this improved mobility, it is less likely for connective fibres to rip or tear, which in turn prevents injury and back pain.
  • Exercise stretches, strengthens, and repairs muscles that are used to support the back, which helps to prevent soft tissues injuries and supports the structures of the spine.

It makes sense to move a little more!

Here’s to a happy and healthy holiday!

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