Is Your Back Golf Ready Asks Our Ealing Chiropractor?

chiropractic and golf advoice from our Ealing ChiropractorThe weather is already beginning to warm up in the UK, which means golf season is just around the corner. However, before you dust off your golf clubs, it’s important to take a moment to think about your health.

Golf is a physically demanding game as swinging a club is an explosive physical movement. If the muscles, ligaments and intervertebral discs in your back aren’t in good shape, swinging a golf club at high velocity might lead to an injury.

In this post, our chiropractor at The Spine & Joint Centre in Ealing identifies a few risk factors which may indicate you need to visit a chiropractor in Ealing before golfing. He’ll also share a few ways golfers can protect their backs.

Are You Ready To Play Golf Asks Our Ealing Chiropractor?

There are several symptoms which put you at a greater risk of a golfing injury. If you have any of these issues, consider visiting our chiropractors in Ealing before hitting the links.

Limited range of movement

If you are unable to twist your torso, rotate your pelvis, or move your shoulders fully, it may indicate an underlying medical issue that requires treatment. Playing golf in this state can place more pressure on the back, increase the risk of injury.

Back pain

Back pain can be caused by many conditions including strained muscles, herniated discs, and torn ligaments. If you are experiencing pain caused by one of these conditions and still go golfing, you may be putting your health at risk.

Poor physical fitness

If you haven’t kept up with your exercise regime over winter, you may need to condition yourself before enjoying a round of golf. Try using some stretching, light weights, body weight exercises and cardiovascular exercise to prepare yourself for golf.

Our experienced team of chiropractors at our chiropractic clinic can help you develop an exercise routine that ensures you are physically able to play golf and even win a few rounds!

How Golfers Can Protect Their Back

#1 – Stretch before playing

It is absolutely critical that you stretch before playing golf. Stretching warms up your muscles and ligaments, as well as lubricate the joints. This will prepare your body for swinging a golf club and dramatically reduce the risk of an injury. Watch this video or talk to our chiropractor in Ealing to learn some of the best stretches for golfers.

#2 – Strengthen your core muscles

The ‘core’ is a large group of muscles in the torso which protects and stabilises the spine. If you work on improving the strength of these muscles, you will be less likely to injure yourself during your golf outings and develop a better swing. Ask a chiropractor, doctor or personal trainer for some exercises to improve core strength.

#3 – Seek out medical assistance immediately if you experience pain

If you are playing golf and notice a sharp pain in your back, avoid the temptation to play through. It may be a muscle strain, ligament tear, or herniated disc, which will become worse if you continue playing. Make an appointment with a doctor or chiropractic clinic as soon as possible.

#4 – Be prepared to change your swing

Having an unusual swing can place a lot of additional strain on the body. While you may have tolerated this additional burden when you were a teenager, it might be taking a toll on your back as you age. Speak with a golf instructor to learn how your swing can be adjusted to take some pressure off your back.

#5 – Use a golf cart or hire a caddy

Carrying heavy golf clubs around a course might do more damage to your back than the actual hitting of a golf ball. Consider using mechanical or human assistance!

#6 – Seek out chiropractic care

Chiropractors specialise in issues involving the musculoskeletal system. They are able to tell you if you have a misalignment which is causing back pain or interfering with your golf game.

Visiting Our Ealing Chiropractors

Our professional team of chiropractors are here to help you. Whether you are currently suffering back pain or want to prepare your body for golfing our team can help.

You can book an appointment by calling The Spine & Joint Centre on 020 8900 9004.

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