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back care advice chiropractor ealingDid you know that British people sit for on average 8.9 hours a day.

There is an increasing body of evidence that demonstrates the negative impact a sedentary lifestyle has on our health. The research undertaken to date shows the many health risks connected to sitting for “prolonged” or “excessive periods of time.

Get Britain Standing is a campaign that purpose is specifically to increase awareness and education of the dangers of sedentary working and sitting for prolonged periods of time. On its website it lists research into the effects of sedentary lifestyles and sitting – here is a like to the page.

The risks that have been identified are quite serious and include:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Cancer
  • Back ache
  • Dementia
  • Depression
  • Muscle degeneration

Every year Get Britain Standing run a campaign to highlight the problem and encourage office workers and employers to unite against long period of sitting and get up and move around more.

This year, on April 27th, Get Britain Standing in conjunction with Active Working launch their next challenge day ‘Wiggle It Waggle I Just Don’t Sit On It’.

They have come up with some great ideas for getting up and moving which include:

  • Get up from your desk an move around every 30 minutes
  • Use the stairs instead of the lift
  • Stand when making phone calls
  • Have standing or walking meetings
  • Instead of emailing or phoning a work colleague – walk to their desk
  • Eat your lunch away from your desk
  • Take a walk at lunchtime

If you’re not sure how long you spend each day sitting, there is a great calculator on the Get Britain Standing website that allows you to calculate the time. Why not give it a try – you may be surprised at the results.

As chiropractors at our busy clinic in Ealing we see on a daily basis the effect of sedentary lifestyles and sitting for prolonged period of time with patients present with symptoms such as back pain that could be prevented by moving more.

If you are suffering back pain then our experienced chiropractors are here to help. Why not call us now on 020 8900 9004 and arrange an appointment.


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