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It seems that every day there is some new research or survey that highlights the effect our lifestyles are having on us as and our children. Increasingly our sedentary lifestyles are putting our health at risk. The results of this kind of lifestyle can lead to an increased risks of: heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, back ache, dementia, depression and muscle degeneration.

Unfortunately as chiropractors in a busy chiropractic clinic in Ealing we too frequently have to treat patients suffering the effects of this kind of lifestyle.

Keeping active and taking regular exercise is important for our over all health and well being. As chiropractors we encourage people to take regular exercise, however, we realise that there are many reasons that people find it challenging to do this. We think that it’s important that finding a form of exercise that is enjoyable and fun can contribute to someone getting started and keeping going.

Very often people correlate taking exercise and going to the gym and whilst there are some people who love going to the gym for many it’s not the case. Every year Brits waste millions of pounds in unused gym membership!

So if you’re not going to the gym what form of exercise will you take and of course we need to take into account our variable weather!

Here are some great ways for you to exercise which can be enjoyable and fun, regardless of the weather outside:

Walking: Walking can so often be overlooked as an effective way to exercise, which is a shame. We recommend it as it is accessible to most everyone and is not cost prohibitive. It can be a very social activity with many walking groups to be found that organise walks on a regular basis.  This is also something the whole family can get involved in.

Swimming: Swimming is a good all-round form of exercise. Most local areas have a pool and many pools offer classes should you want to learn or improve your technique. Many offer aqua aerobic classes which is a great low impact form of exercise on your joints. Age is no barrier to getting into the water.

Dancing: Programmes such as Strictly Come Dancing have done a lot to increase the popularity of dancing over recent years. Dance classes have sprung up all  over the country. Whatever dance style you are interested in then there’s probably a class nearby for you.

Before starting a new exercise regime please check with your chiropractor or other health care professional as they will be able to advise you of the best form of exercise for you.

Our chiropractors at the Spine & Joint Centre in Ealing are here to help and advise you.





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