The Easy Way to Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions

healthy living advice from our ealing chiropractorWondering how you’re going to stick to your New Year’s resolutions in 2018? Made them before but never quite seen them through? Worry not; our Ealing chiropractor has some proven tips to ensure that you hit your goals this year.

Think Thirty Days

Before you start, be prepared for it to take about a month for your habits to start coming to you automatically. Think how you brush your teeth, set your alarm and make your morning coffee without putting any thought into them whatsoever. This is what will happen with your new habits once you get through the developing period. So stick it out even if it seems tough for the first few weeks; it’s about to get a whole load easier!

Baby Steps

Trying to do too much in one go is going to cause you to burn out, give up and ultimately do nothing. Instead of trying to change your life overnight, set yourself small targets that you know you will be able to reach.

Don’t Forget

Life often gets busy and it can be easy to forget about the things we’re not used to doing. To help you keep up with your daily habits, set yourself little reminders throughout the day.  Ask your workmates to remind you to drink that extra cup of water, set an alarm on your Smartphone to exercise every evening or put post-it notes around your home so you remember not to have sugar with your coffee. Whatever your resolution is, keep it at the top of your mind.

Be Consistent

The more consistent you are, the sooner your habit will develop.  A good way to get a habit to stick quickly is to create a routine where you carry out your new habit at the same time every day.

Tell a Friend

There’s no better motivation than people motivation. Tell those who spend time with you about your goals and how much you want to stick to them. Having people around you who know your New Year’s resolutions will make it far more likely that you’ll succeed.

Replace Old Habits

If your new habit means you’re giving up something that you used to enjoy, make sure you are replacing any needs that are lost. For example, if your New Year’s resolution is to stop smoking,  try doing something else such as making yourself a drink or jogging on the spot every time you crave for a cigarette. Fill your time until you no longer feel the gap.

We hope these proven tips help you to reach your goals this New Year! Here’s to a happy and healthy 2018!

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