Don’t Let The Football World Cup Play Havoc With Your Back

back care advice from our chiropractor in ealingThe wait is nearly over – only two more sleeps until the football World Cup  kicks off in Russia on the 14th June. It’s one of the world’s biggest events and there is a lot of football to watch over the month long tournament, with up to 3 matches a day in the early stages.  If you are planning to spend time glued to your sofa watching the World Cup then our chiropractor has this warning for you.

Sitting for prolonged periods of time is not good for the health of your back and can in fact be responsible for triggering back pain. This is something that our chiropractor wants to help you avoid doing this summer and he’s put together some advice that you can follow to keep your back safe whilst watching the football this summer.

  • Make sure you are sitting correctly – Don’t slouch.  Your back should be pressed firmly into the back of the sofa or chair your are sitting on.  Check your posture from time to time and if you find your are slouching or slumping in the chair then readjust your seated position. Whilst sitting avoid putting any strain on one particular area (such as your neck).
  • Move regularly – Sitting in one place or position for too long is not good for your body and health. At least every 20 minutes stand up and move around. When there are longer breaks in play e.g. at half time do some simple stretches as well as moving around.
  • Keep hydrated – Drink plenty of water – alcohol does not help!

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