Don’t Let Chronic Pain Ruin Your Relationship

back pain advice from a chiropractor ealingChronic back pain can often impact the life of not only the people suffering from it but also their loved ones. Here our Ealing chiropractor offers some effective ways to identify and deal with the strain a chronic pain condition can place on your relationships with your partner, your family and your friends.

Potential Relationship Problems

It is common for people with chronic pain to suffer associated complications in their relationships with their spouses or partners.

Remember that the key to all your problems is communication. By that we don’t mean that you should provide  updates to your partner about your health all the time. Instead, you should make a conscious effort to “take pain off the agenda”. In order to not let your pain define who you are, you and your partner will want to spend quality time with each other, so try talking about things that make you feel good and positive.

Bear in mind that anger and frustration emerge when you are in pain and don’t get the desired attention from your partner or spouse. It may be because your spouse interprets your response to pain as an “exaggeration” or even “attention seeking. But remember that it is sometimes difficult for people on the outside to understand the pain and feel what you are going through due to lack of knowledge or awareness of your condition. Going for relationship counseling with your spouse or inviting them along to your medical appointments will help your spouse to get further insight into to your condition.

Activities and Socialising

It’s important to remember that chronic pain may affect your partner’s social life, as well as your own. It can be difficult to keep up with your usual hobbies or interests when you are in pain, so you should speak to your partner about what you are still able to do. The more  open and honest you are about your abilities, the better you and your partner can plan enjoyable things to do together.

We hope this post helps!

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