Do Women Get Lower Back Pain More Often Than Men?

back care advice from our ealing chiropractorLower back pain is a common ailment amongst people living in the UK. It is estimated that probably about one-third of the adult population, will experience lower back pain this year. Of those, about 2.6 million will have pain so severe that they visit their GP.

Each week, our chiropractic clinic in Ealing sees dozens of patients with lower back pain. We help these patients by providing chiropractic adjustments where appropriate. Our chiropractors also offer lifestyle advice, helping each patient make improvements to their diet, habits, and exercise regime.

It is not uncommon for people to relate lower back pain to employment of a manual nature involving heavy lifting. With this in mind, lower back pain may often be considered more prevalent in men than women. However, this is does not necessarily follow as studies have shown women are more likely to experience lower back pain than men.

In this post, our Ealing chiropractor explains why this may be the case and shares some of the treatment options that are available.


Why Are Women More Likely To Experience Lower Back Pain?

Several studies have found that the prevalence of lower back pain is higher in women than it is in men, but why? There are a probably many reasons for this:


Women more likely to have chronic health conditions affecting the spine

Women have a much higher risk of suffering from chronic conditions like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Older women are also more likely to have a higher body mass index, higher blood pressure, and depressive symptoms — which can worsen chronic back pain.


Women give birth

As any woman will tell you, giving birth is incredibly taxing on the body. But the period before giving birth is also very challenging, as carrying a baby is incredibly stressful on the back’s muscles and joints.

When you are heavily pregnant, it will throw your centre of gravity off, placing much more strain on the lower back. Pregnancy will also affect spinal curvature, gait, and balance. This forces you to rely on muscles in the lower back more often, potentially causing lower back pain.


The physical stress of child rearing

Although men now take a more active role in the child rearing process, women still tend to take the lead. This means they are more likely to be the ones bending over to pick up a child or change a nappy. It also means that they will often be the ones performing tasks like picking up toys or dirty laundry. These kinds of tasks can take a toll on the lower back.


More women are in active roles

The role of women in the workplace has changed dramatically over the past century. It’s now more common to see women working in physically demanding roles like aged care, medicine, construction, and manufacturing. These kinds of roles can be very taxing on the back.


Hormonal changes

The hormonal changes that occur during the menstrual cycle can sometimes make your pain feel more severe. Painful periods and conditions like endometriosis can also cause back pain.


Perimenopausal abdominal weight gain

Most women will gain weight around their abdomen after they have gone through menopause. Unfortunately, additional weight in this region can affect spinal posture and place more strain on the lower back.


How Visiting A Chiropractor in Ealing Can Help

Chiropractic has been found to be beneficial in the treatment of back pain. And along with staying active, it may be the best solution for treating back pain. Chiropractic treats the cause of your back pain rather than just the pain itself, unlike painkillers.

Our chiropractors can help by:


Performing chiropractic adjustments

Chiropractors can use a variety of techniques to ensure the spine is correctly aligned if treatment is indicated. Treatment will begin with gentle, specific adjustments (the chiropractic term for manipulation). By putting the spine back into correct alignment, muscular pain and joint pain may be resolved.


Offering advice on lifestyle changes

The lifestyle you lead might be contributing to your lower back pain. A chiropractor can help you identify and rectify any damaging lifestyle factors. They can offer advice on a wide variety of topics including diet, exercise, ergonomics and daily habits to help you reduce your lower back pain.


Wrapping up

As you can see, there are several reasons why women suffer from lower back pain more often than men. Fortunately, most women are very attentive when it comes to their health and are willing to seek professional health care advice from a suitably qualified professional when they are in pain.


If you are suffering lower back pain our team of professionally qualified chiropractors at the Spine & Joint Centre in Ealing are here to help you. To book an appointment with one of our chiropractors, call our clinic on 020 8900 9004.

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