Deck The Halls But Mind Your Back …

back care advice from our ealing chiropractorYes it’s time to get those Christmas decorations out and deck the hall with holly!

We’re sure that in the next few weeks you’ll be digging out the Christmas decorations and having  a whole load of fun decking your home with lights and baubles and of course the obligatory tree! While for most people the activity is a fun one our chiropractor at The Spine & Joint Centre in Ealing wants to remind everyone of the need to keep your back safe. It’s surprising just how much lifting, carrying, twisting and reaching there is to do.

With that in mind our chiropractor has put together some advice for you to follow to keep your back safe when putting up the Christmas decorations.

The Tree: If you are getting a ‘real’ tree then there is quite frankly a whole performance to the process. There’s usually a long winded process to select it involving dragging trees, standing then up and turning them around in all directions. Trees can be quite heavy so the advice is to take someone along who is going to give you a hand with the heavy work. When lifting, carrying etc. keep your back in mind and follow the advice in the lifting and carrying video below. Yes the video is about lifting and carrying in the garden but the principles apply to any lifting and carrying!

The Decorations: Again follow the advice in the video for lifting and carrying. You may need to use a ladder when putting up the directions. Not only do you need to use the ladder safely in general but you need to think about your back when doing so. We’ve added a video – DIY – below. It has some excellent advice for keeping your back safe when using a ladder.

The Presents: It’s tempting to plonk yourself on the floor to get the present wrapping done. Don’t – it will put a strain on your back. Work at a table or work top instead.

Happy Christmas decorating from our team at The Spine & joint Centre in Ealing and be sure to watch the videos below to keep your back safe.




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