The Daily Habits That Could Be Leaving You in Pain

back care advcie from our ealing chiropractorSo there you are – going about your usual routine without any inclination that your daily habits could be putting you at risk of developing chronic back pain.  In a warning that’s incredibly worrying, our Ealing chiropractor brings attention to the fact that back pain isn’t always the result of “overdoing it”. Quite often, chronic back pain is the result of an accumulation of bad habits and frequent lifestyle choices, as the following highlights…

Bad posture

Overtime, poor posture can alter the anatomical characteristics of the spine, which can lead to the development of chronic back pain. Adopting and maintaining good posture habits will help to reduce the severity of existing back pain and significantly lower your likelihood of future back problems.

 Lifting incorrectly

Many painful back injuries occur when we lift heavy objects incorrectly. Always bend your knees and use the power of your legs when lifting. Avoid twisting and keep the object close to your body to reduce the perceived weight.


Smoking reduces blood flow to the spinal discs and increases the rate of degenerative change. Calcium absorption is also affected by smoking, which prevents new bone growth.


Resting as a means of pain management can often be counterproductive. Physical activity helps to increase blood flow to a painful area, in turn, decreasing inflammation and muscle tension.

 Being overweight

Keeping your weight under control is an effective way to manage existing back pain and reduce the risk of developing painful back conditions in the future. Carrying extra weight – especially around your stomach – will shift your centre of gravity forward  and put additional strain on your back muscles.

Try to stay within 10 pounds of your ideal weight to avoid experiencing unnecessary back pain.

Your long commute

Regularly hunching over a steering wheel can cause your chest muscles to tighten and your shoulders to round, which can lead to back and neck problems. To avoid this risk, sit at a 90-degree angle, close to the wheel so that you don’t have to stretch.

Your diet

Eating habits that are good for your heart, weight, and blood sugar levels can also be good for your back health. A healthy circulatory system will help to bring nutrients to the spine and remove waste.


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