Can Your Relationship Survive Chronic Back Pain?

back care advice chiropractor ealingIf you’re living with chronic back pain then it’s natural to turn to those closest to you for emotional and physical support. While loved ones will do their very best to make sure that you are cared for, providing daily support can add a significant amount of stress to a relationship. But that doesn’t mean that you’re relationship can’t survive or indeed even grow stronger.

According to our chiropractor in Ealing, the challenge of dealing with chronic back pain actually brings many couples closer together.  For these couples, communication and understanding is the key.

When a person living with chronic pain feels distressed or unhappy, these negative feelings may start to impact on their relationship and the partner may feel overwhelmed by their loved one’s sadness. When this happens, the partner may find it difficult to provide the level of support that their loved one needs which can be misinterpreted by their loved one as being uncaring. This lack of communication and understanding can be the beginning of a vicious and damaging cycle.

Next there’s the danger of “putting on a brave face”. Many people living with chronic back pain often play down the true extent of their pain in fear of being thought of as “a burden”. Sometimes, when a chronic pain sufferer conceals their symptoms and expresses no distress, a care giver may assume that everything is OK. Again, this can often lead to the person suffering from back pain feeling uncared for and can disrupt the quality of time they spend with their loved one.

If you suffer from chronic back pain or you are a caregiver to someone with chronic pain, it is important to recognise the need for honest and regular communication. Without this, there simply cannot be a good level of understanding of yours and your loved ones needs. Arguments, anger and even relationship breakdowns can arise from a lack of clear communication about physical and emotional feelings.

Make time to talk openly and honestly about how pain affects both you and your partner and listen instead of assuming you know everything that’s happening in your partner’s head. By remaining aware of the ways that pain can impact your relationship, and working together to improve these negative aspects, you can both adjust to any changing dynamics of your partnership and enjoy a strong and close relationship.

Don’t let back pain define your future!

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