Back To Basics On Back Pain With Advice From Our Ealing Chiropractor

ealing chiropractor explains RSIEvery day our Ealing chiropractors at The Spine & Joint Centre treat patients suffering back pain. This is hardly surprising as research indicates that 4 out 5 adults will experience back pain at some point in their lives. That is quite a number!


Types of back pain

In many cases, back pain may start suddenly and get better quickly, without any need for treatment. For other people, back pain may start following a specific accident or injury, such as bending awkwardly or lifting a heavy weight. It can also develop gradually, maybe because of poor posture, an uncomfortable work position or repetitive strain.

As we age,  general wear and tear can contribute to back pain. The shock-absorbing pads or discs between the bones of the spine can become narrower with age, which can cause stiffness, pain and make it difficult to bend and move.

While simple back pain is quite common, more serious types of back pain happen less frequently. Very rarely, the nerves of the back can become irritated or trapped which can cause symptoms such as radiating pain, pins and needles and numbness.


Coping with back pain

According to the team at our Chiropractic Clinic in Ealing,  resting for more than a day or two can make your back pain worse.  Because of inflammation and muscle spasms, back pain can be very painful, and you may not feel like getting up too much when you are in so much discomfort.

However, your back is designed for movement, and the best thing you can do is to keep mobile and active. The sooner you get back to normal activity, the sooner your back will start to feel better.


Chiropractic and back pain

Chiropractic has been found to be beneficial in the treatment of backpain. Chiropractic along with staying active may well be the best solution for treating back pain.

Unlike painkillers, chiropractic treats the cause of your pain rather than treating the symptoms of the pain itself.

Professional chiropractors specialise in assessing, diagnosing and managing spine and joint conditions. Chiropractors are highly trained in identifying the cause of pain in the spine. In the UK they undergo a minimum of four years’ full-time training. Importantly, chiropractors are regulated by law and must work within strict professional and ethical boundaries.


Visiting our Ealing chiropractors

What to expect on your first visit

In order to diagnose your problem and determine the best course of treatment for you, your chiropractor will undertake a comprehensive consultation and examination.

During your consultation, in order to completely understand your situation,  your chiropractor will ask you questions about your symptoms, medical history, posture and lifestyle.

Our chiropractor will seek to understand your past and present health history to establish the cause of your pain and to ensure that chiropractic care is appropriate for your condition.

If your chiropractor determines that chiropractic care is not suitable for you, you will be referred to an appropriate healthcare professional such as your GP or Consultant.



After completing your case history, your chiropractor will conduct a thorough examination to establish and confirm a diagnosis. Your examination will primarily focus on your neuromusculoskeletal system (nerves, muscles and joints), but it may also be necessary to check other things such as your heart, lungs and abdomen to rule out other causes to your pain.


Report of Findings

Before treatment starts, your chiropractor will explain in clear and simple language what is the cause of your pain, what can be done and what you can expect.

In addition to treatment, if appropriate, your chiropractor will offer advice on changes to your lifestyle that may enable to you help yourself.


Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic treatment mainly involves safe, gentle, specific manual adjustments. The adjustments free joints in the spine or other areas of the body that are not moving properly along with exercise to stretch and strengthen muscles.

To get you out pain as quickly as possible and in the minimum of discomfort, a wide variety of techniques which appropriate for your particular condition may be used by your Chiropractor.


Our chiropractic team at The Spine & Joint Centre in Ealing is here to help you with your back pain. Get in touch with us today and take that first step towards a happier and healthier future.


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