Back Safe Advice for Back To School

exercise advice from our ealing chiropractorThe August Bank Holiday weekend is over and for many parents and children attention turns to preparing for the return to school to start a new school year. This is a busy time for most parents as there are plenty of last minute things that have to get done, from school uniforms to new school shoes, there always seems to be yet another thing to get organised or buy!

As chiropractors in our busy chiropractic clinic in Ealing our attention is focused on helping people keep healthy and in particular to keep their spine healthy. With this in mind at this time of year we thought we’d remind you of the importance of helping your child have a healthy spine.

One of the most important factors of maintaining a healthy spine is good posture. Many of the patients we treat at The Spine & Joint Centre are surprised to find out that their poor posture is contributing to their back pain. Poor posture can impact on more than our backs. Our posture can affect our breathing, our physical performance, our digestion, our mood and also the way we look. Poor posture can often make us look older and also a little heavier than we are!

Our lifestyles contribute to the state of our posture and for many children in this day and age who spend increasing number of hours on their computers and glued to their mobile phones the result is often poor posture.

However, not all is lost. Improving posture can be simple.

The British Chiropractic Association has developed a simple 3 minute programme called ‘Straighten Up UK’ specifically to improve posture. The exercises in the programme are simple and fun and at 3 minutes – quick to do. The premise is to incorporate these exercises into our daily routines just like brushing our teeth.

If you have been struggling to encourage your child to ‘sit up’, ‘stand up straight’ or ‘stop slouching’ or even if you haven’t given any thought to your child’s posture, this programme is a great way to start.

We have included the video below which you and your child can follow along with.

Our chiropractors at The Spine & Joint Centre wish your child all the very best for their new school term.



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