Why Does your Back Hurt in the Morning?

back care advice from a ealing chiropractorYou wake up and before you’ve even had a chance to say “good morning”, that dreaded feeling of tightness and stiffness sets upon your back. You shuffle out of bed like the tin man without oil and you’re miserable before the day has even begun.

But…skip a few hours later and you’re the whizzing round the office like a subtle oiled-up power machine (well maybe not, but you’re feeling a lot better than you were this morning!) and your earlier symptoms are nothing but a distant memory. Until they hit you like a hammer again the next morning. And the morning after that. And the morning after that.

But everyone has an achy back in the mornings, don’t they?

Not according to our chiropractor in Ealing.

Here are a few common misunderstandings about morning back pain that could just save your back health…

1: “I only suffer from morning back pain”

Your symptoms may only appear in the mornings, but the source of your back pain is always present. The problem with your back doesn’t come and go throughout the day; the pain is simply more evident and intense in the mornings. Throughout the day, your body’s pain-killing endorphins are synthesised which gives the impression that your back has “recovered”.

2: “With enough rest my morning back pain will disappear”

Too much rest and inactivity can actually worsen any existing back problems and it does not address the cause of your morning back pain.

3: “My morning back pain is a normal part of aging”

Although the majority of people will suffer with occasional lower back pain, not everyone has the chronic form – regardless of age. Age is a factor when establishing the cause of chronic lower back pain, but is simply one of many. Diet, lifestyle, fitness levels, disease and injury also come into play.

4: “My back pain will improve if I sleep on my stomach”

Sleeping on your stomach puts your spine into extension which increases the pressure on your lower back. If you suffer from morning back pain, you should try sleeping on your back or on your side with a pillow or rolled up towel/ blanket underneath your knees to reduce the amount of pressure your spine has to endure. Bending your knees to about a 45 degree angle and placing a pillow between them can also be effective in minimising painful symptoms.

If you are suffering from back pain in the morning (or at any other time) our chiropractor is here to help. Call our friendly team to book an appointment on 020 8900 9004.

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