How To Avoid Back Pain

back care advice from our ealing chiropractorAs a chiropractor in Ealing, I’m often asked about the best way to avoid back problems. We see plenty of people in our clinic, generally on a daily basis who have either an acute or chronic issue with their back. We also see painful conditions such as sciatica.

Fortunately, if you want to avoid back issues, there’s actually quite a lot of preventative things that you can do. Here are my top tips:

Exercise Regularly

I tell anyone who visits our chiropractic clinic in Ealing that exercise is key to a healthy back. That doesn’t mean you need to hit the treadmill or start doing strenuous aerobics. Even mild exercise like walking and low-impact regimes such as yoga will help improve conditions such as chronic back pain.

The essential element we tend to look at besides the spine is your core. This is the area of muscle that runs around your stomach area. Exercise regimes such as Pilates are ideal for improving these areas and it regular practice can provide great support for your body, especially your back.

Lose Weight

Carrying too much weight is one reason we see patients in our Ealing chiropractor clinic. The heavier you are the more pressure it puts on your skeleton, including the spine. You may find you have all sorts of problems with both your bones and your joints. One reason why pregnant women often suffer from back problems is that they are carrying the extra weight out in front of them.

Pay Attention to Your Posture

We ignore posture at our peril. I often see patients at our Ealing clinic who have sloping or slumped shoulders or who slouch when they sit down. This, unfortunately, is not very good for the spine. It’s an easy situation to get into, however. If you work in an office and are permanently hunched over your computer, it’s no surprise you end up with back problems.

We ask all our patients to think about posture and to take positive steps to maintain or improve how they carry themselves. It can make a huge difference to your mobility and the health of your spine.

Learn to Lift

Acute back pain is often caused by lifting a heavy object. What this generally comes down to is trying to lift something that is way to heavy. It can also happen if you are using a bad lifting technique. The latter accounts for a large number of back complaints. I well remember a pub landlord who came to our Ealing chiropractic cline after moving around beer barrels that threw his back out.

Make sure you bend your knees and keep your back straight when you lift something even moderately heavy.

Get Up and Stretch

Mobility is another thing we don’t pay enough attention to. If you’ve been sat still for a while it’s going to affect your posture. Get up and do a gentle stretch, do a few toe touches and get that spine moving. It’s important, for example, if you drive for a living or have a sedentary job, to focus on being more active. You’ll be surprised what a difference it makes.

Loosen Your Hamstrings

Hamstrings get tighter when they’re not used and as we grow older. What most people don’t realise is that this is the cause of a good many back problems. Find exercises that work on your hamstrings and you will discover your back eases up considerably.

Preventative Chiropractic Back Care

Most people come to our chiropractor clinic in Ealing because they have a problem. The truth is that visiting a chiropractor once in a while can have beneficial effects even if you don’t have a current problem that is worrying you. Many athletes and sportsmen and women use a chiropractor regularly to maintain optimum performance.

If you do suffer from regular back pain or other conditions such as headaches or have joint or muscular problems, our chiropractic team in Ealing will be able to assess you quickly and treat the cause of your discomfort.

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