Avoid Back Pain If You’re Jetting Off On Holidays

back care advice from our ealing chiropractorIt’s that time of year when our attention turns to taking a well deserved break. For many that involves a trip to the airport to jump on a plane to take us to our destination. Having a well deserved break is a good thing, however, our chiropractors at the Spine & Joint Centre in Ealing want to share the following simple steps for you to follow to make sure that you stay back pain free on your holiday.

Rishi Loatey our experienced chiropractor at the Spine & Joint Centre says, “We tend to be out of our usual routine when on holiday; just picking up a suitcase in the wrong way or lying on a sun lounger in an awkward position can result in pain. These issues can potentially be avoided and, in doing so, make the difference between a break of a lifetime or a miserable trip, so be aware of some simple steps you can take, particularly at the start of your holiday.

Here is Rishi’s helpful steps:

Prepare well

Keep your luggage as light as possible:

  • Use lighweight luggage with wheels that allow you to push it rather than pull.
  • Pack lightly – we all have a tendency to pack way too many clothes

Make your luggage easily identifiable.You don’t want to have to lift and move around others people luggage as it is winding it’s way around the carousel. Choosing colourful or patterned luggage can help but why not make it unique by tying some coloured ribbon around the handles.

At the airport

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that using a trolley will make carrying your luggage. This may be the case but frequently trolleys have wonky wheels which makes moving them a struggle which can result in straining or twisting your back which can lead to back pain. If your luggage has wheels then best to use those!

On the flight

Flying is very dehydrating on your body so be sure to drink plenty of water or juice to keep your hydration level up. Drinking alcohol will make you more dehydrate so it’s best to avoid drinking alcohol

Do some simple exercises in your seat to prevent stiffness. Foot circles, shoulder shrugs and buttock clenches are good exercises to do on a regular basis. If you can get up and walk around this is a good thing too.

At your destination

Walk as much a possible as you want to get you joints moving to avoid stiffness after the flight.

Following these simper steps can help keep your back safe when flying.

The Spine and Joint CentreFrom the Team at The Spine and Joint Centre

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