10 Brilliant Spine Facts From Your Ealing Chiropractor

spine advice from our Ealing chiropractorAt The Spine & Joint Centre, our chiropractic clinic in Ealing, we are always surprised at how little people really understand about their own bodies. The spine is actually a marvel of biology, not only providing support for the human frame but also delivering messages to and from perhaps our most important organism – the brain.

Making sure you look after your back is important for various reasons, of course. Not only does it ensure you can stand up, twist, walk and sit down, it’s a vital neural highway without which we would be unable to move. The first time many of our patients realise how important the spine is is when they do some damage to their back.

Here are 10 amazing facts about the spine which our Ealing chiropractor wants to share with you:

  1. If you have difficulty bending, you may be tricked into thinking the spine is pretty inflexible. In fact, this structure has many moving parts. It’s composed of 33 separate vertebrae, connected like a chain down the centre of your back. There are 100 joints, 220 ligaments and some 120 different muscles.
  2. The spine isn’t all bone either. At least 25% of the spinal column is made up of cartilage which provides padding for your joints.
  3. One thing that we have in common with giraffes is that we both have 7 cervical vertebrae, the bones that make up the neck. The only difference is that giraffe’s are just a lot bigger!
  4. The spinal column encloses the spinal cord which is a communication network between your brain and the rest of your body. Traumatic damage to this area of the body can sever the connections which can then lead to full or partial paralysis.
  5. The spinal cord only weights 35 grams and is about 45 cm long. The spinal column itself is 60 to 70 cm in length.
  6. Astronauts who have spent some time in space actually come back a couple of inches taller than when they left. That’s because microgravity allows their cartilage to expand.
  7. Gravity can also have an impact on us here on Earth and our spines. You are generally a little shorter in the evening than you are in the morning. By the time you are 40, you may lose as much as a quarter of an inch per decade because your cartilage becomes depressed.
  8. Back pain is one of the most common reasons for a visit to the doctor and costs a collective 31 million days off work in the UK alone. Back pain cost the UK economy a total of £14 billion in 2013 and back problems are on the increase, especially with many of us now having sedentary lifestyles.
  9. The leading cause of major injuries where the spine is concerned is actually motor vehicle accidents, accounting for 35% of spinal cord damage.
  10. 80% of people are likely to suffer from some form of back problem or pain during their lifetime. The vast majority of this pain is found in the lower back.

At our Ealing chiropractor clinic – The Spine & Joint Centre we see people from all walks of life with various back and joint problems. Understanding how your spine works and what you can do to maintain its health is important. Our Ealing chiropractor is always ready to give our patients advice and information in this area as well as provide therapeutic treatments.

If you have a back or joint issue, live in Ealing or Harrow and are searching for a chiropractor, contact our clinic – The Spine & Joint Centre – today to make an appointment.

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