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Back Safe Advice for Back To School

The August Bank Holiday weekend is over and for many parents and children attention turns to preparing for the return to school to start a new school year. This is a busy time for most parents as there are plenty of last minute things that have to get done, from school uniforms to new school…

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Back Aches and Pains During Pregnancy

Back aches and pains are not uncommon during pregnancy as a woman’s body goes through significant changes. One of the more obvious changes is the extra weight having to be carried during pregnancy. This can put significant pressure on the body. Our chiropractor in Ealing highlights some of the changes that can impact your posture…

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Are You Delaying Seeking Help For Your Back Or Neck Pain?

Consumer research* undertaken by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) earlier this year has revealed the extent to which people delay seeking professional help for their back and neck pain. The research showed that a third of British people wait a month or more before seeking professional help with their back or neck pain. Our Ealing…