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DIY Plans This Spring?

Spring is here and for many it’s the time of year to literally spring into action with some DIY. For most this inevitably involves undertaking more exercise and undertaking actions that they wouldn’t normally be doing. The unfortunate result of all of this activity and pushing our bodies too hard is all too often picking…

back care advice chiropractor ealing

Improve Your Posture Improve Your Health

“Stop slouching”  “Sit up Straight” “Stand Tall” – these may have been nagging comments you heard from your mother or school teacher but it may have been advice that we could all do with adhering to in our daily lives. It’s unfortunate that as chiropractors we see too many patients who experience back pain that…

back pain advice from a chiropractor ealing

Take Care Of Your Back While Sleeping

Did you know it’s National Bed Month during March? The Sleep council organise campaigns throughout the year to highlight the impact of a good night’s sleep on health and wellbeing. They also provide advice on good lifestyle habits to follow and also provide advice to help eliminate factors that cause poor sleep. National Bed Month…