back care advice from our ealing chiropractor

Make Good Posture Your New Year’s Resolution!

If you’re looking for an easy New Year’s resolution to stick to that will bring a host of benefits to your health, just improve your posture! According to our Ealing chiropractor, good posture is one of the best ways to better your spine health and give your overall wellbeing a boost. Here are just some…

back care advice at Christmas from our ealing chiropractor

Avoid Back Pain in the Kitchen This Christmas

One of the most challenging tasks you can undertake when you’re in pain is preparing a meal, yet the festive season is full of reasons to spend time in the kitchen. From striving to perfect that Christmas dinner to rustling up good old turkey and chips on Boxing Day, cooking sits at the heart of…

back care advice at Christmas from our ealing chiropractor

Take Back Pain Off Your Christmas List!

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but if you suffer with chronic back pain, Christmas time can become more of a pain than a pleasure. From decorating, to gift shopping and hosting Christmas meals, your spine can feel like it’s under siege with everything going on! Luckily, our Ealing chiropractor has…