back care advice from our chiropractor in ealing

Why Your Spine Needs to Move

When back pain strikes, your first reaction is usually to rest. After all, “taking it easy “is what we’re often told we should be doing when we’re in pain or discomfort. But back pain is different; it doesn’t respond too well to inactivity. In fact, too much rest is likely to make your symptoms even…

back care advice from our ealing chiropractor

How to Avoid Back Pain on a Road Trip

The Easter break is the perfect time for a getaway with the family, but the journey to and from your destination may not be quite as perfect for your back! Here at our chiropractic clinic in Ealing, we’ve seen first-hand the damaging effects that long journeys can have on the spine. So to minimise your…

back care advice from our ealing chiropractor

Suffer with Back Pain? Beware of the Hidden Risk of the Easter Holidays!

The supermarket shelves are packed full of colourfully wrapped chocolate and you can’t turn on the TV without some kind of mention of the Easter Bunny. Easter is just around the corner, but before you hurtle in to the holidays at full throttle, take a moment to think of your back health.  Easter may seem…