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What’s The Deal With Early Morning Back Pain?

Here at our chiropractic clinic in Ealing, we often treat patients experiencing morning back pain or stiffness. Typically presenting with recurring stiffness, tightness and pain, morning back issues can reduce flexibility and play a major role in sleeping problems. For many of the patients we see, symptoms gradually improve throughout the day. But even after…

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The Secret Sins of Sitting!

For the majority of people, sitting down is not something that typically generates a lot of thought and evaluation. But according to our Ealing chiropractor, it should! Here are a few of the secret sins of sitting. They’ll certainly make you think differently about how you park your bottom today! Sin # 1: Hunching Forward…

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Walk to School Month: A Great Way to Boost Kids’ Health!

Think about the morning school run and what jumps into your mind? A crazy rush to squeeze your children into the car in a desperate attempt to get to the school early enough to find a parking space? A  constant battle with your children about who gets to sit in the front of the car…