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Text Neck. Is Your Mobile To Blame for Your Neck Pain?

The term “text neck” has been circulating in the media recently as a modern age condition that is becoming more and more frequently diagnosed. But are mobile phones really to blame for your neck pain and if so, why? According to our chiropractor in Ealing, adults and children could be risking long-term damage to their…

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April Showers: How to Stop Joint Pain in Wet Weather

For reasons not yet fully understood, joint pain often seems to get worse during wet and cold weather.  Whether joint pain will ever be scientifically linked to weather conditions or not, you can take some precautions if to you, rain means pain! Our chiropractor in Ealing shares the following tips for keeping those joints pain-free…

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Hypermobile Joints: What Does it Mean?

Most of us have heard of the term “double jointed” but not many people know that “hypermobility” or having hypermobile joints is actually a medical condition that can come with serious symptoms. Hypermobility in the joints means that some or all of the joints have an exceptionally large range of movement and flexibility. People with…